The Chauncy Glover Project (CGP) is an extensive, hands-on mentoring program in Detroit, Michigan.   CGP is a Federally approved non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and was created to groom inner-city teenage boys into upstanding and accomplished gentleman.  CGP focuses on education, manhood, self-empowerment, financial responsibility, etiquette, college readiness, relationship building, community service, and so much more.

Our Reach

CGP is proud to have now expanded to three schools in Detroit, Michigan. Our young men hail from Martin Luther King Jr. High School, Detroit Collegiate Preparatory at Northwestern High School; and the middle school Detroit Service Learning Academy.

CGP Gents/CGP Young Gents

Our initial focus was solely young men in senior high school; however, we soon realized that selecting young men who were also in middle school allowed us to reach the young men earlier. This allowed us to help these young men avoid the common pitfalls young men in Detroit fall into, while also setting them on the path to success much sooner.

Our mentoring program spans the course of a year, and runs from June to the following May.  The CGP Gents are selected at the end of their high school Junior year in May; and there then mentored and guided through the summer and their senior year in high school.  CGP Young Gents are also selected in May, and then mentored through the summer and the following school year.

Selection Process

CGP attempts to reach inner-city young men in Detroit who have a desire to be successful and make something of themselves; but don’t quite know how to get there, and don’t have sufficient role models or guidance to get them to where they’d like to be. As such, we go through a very structured and rigorous process to identify our mentees each year.

In early May, each young man submits an application outlining why they want to be in the program, and what they hope to get from being part of the program. The applicants are then reviewed by our selection committee who selects a limited number of young men to be interviewed. After a short interview, the selection committee makes the final selection of young men, after spirited deliberations.


Each CGP Gent and CGP Young Gent is paired with a mentor who is an impactful and upstanding male leader in metro Detroit. The pairing coincides with the young mans interests and career aspirations. The mentors are required to regularly communicate and meet with the young men each week. The mentor also provides encouragement, guidance, and manhood insight.

Empowerment Sessions

In addition to the one-on-one mentoring, CGP meets every other weekend for empowerment sessions and bonding outings. Each empowerment session focuses on a different aspect of manhood and success. Some of the topics covered include etiquette training, personal branding, public speaking, financial responsibility, health & fitness, job preparedness, and many others.

The young men also participate in college prep forms, tutoring sessions, and cultural awareness outings.

Community Outreach

The young of CGP are also taught the importance of giving back. CGP Gent and CGP Young Gents engage in various civic activities including providing Thanksgiving meals for needy families, and adopting less fortunate families at Christmas. CGP Gents also march in the MLK National Holiday parade, and have performed special entertainment for seniors at local nursing homes.