The Chauncy Glover Project (CGP) was founded in June 2013 by then, WDIV TV-4 Reporter, Chauncy Glover. Award winning reporter and anchor, Chauncy Glover, created CGP after a year of reporting on the streets of Detroit. He was particularly motivated while covering a story of a Martin Luther King Jr. High School (MLK) student who was shot and killed after allegedly trying to rob the schools coach. It was then that Chauncy decided to use his own resources to start this mentoring program.  Since this time, CGP has obtained full Federal 501(c)(3) non-profit status and now raises funds from corporations and private donors.

The goal of the program is to identify young men with great potential who need extra guidance from a positive role model. As such, the first group of young men that participated int he program were selected by Chauncy Glover and the selection committee after a rigorous and intensive selection process.

Fourteen young men from the Martin Luther King Junior High School (MLK) in Detroit, Michigan were selected at the end of their Junior year of high school, and were dubbed, ‘The Fearless 14’. Each young man was then paired with a one-on-one mentor who is an upstanding male leader in metro Detroit. The mentor pairings were based upon the young mans interests and career aspirations.

Throughout the summer and their senior year of high school, The Fearless 14 were closely mentored and encouraged by their mentor who also provided insight on manhood.

In addition to the one-on-one mentoring, CGP met every other weekend for empowerment sessions and bonding outings. Each empowerment session focused on a different aspect of manhood and success. These sessions included college preparedness, etiquette training, personal branding, public speaking, financial literacy, job preparedness, health & fitness, and a host of their pertinent topics.

The young men also participated in tutoring sessions; and special cultural, arts, and community awareness outings.

Additionally, the young men were engaged in significant community service activities, including providing Thanksgiving meals to needy families, and adopting a family at Christmas. They also marched in the MLK National Holiday Parade and performed special entertainment for seniors at local nursing homes.

At the program’s inception the lowest GPA held by The Fearless 14 was a 1.6; however, by the end of the program, they all averaged a GPA well over 3.0.

The year of close mentoring and guidance culminated with a Black-Tie Gala in the spring of 2014. Through a rousing skit, and moving personal monologues, the young men highlighted all CGP taught them over the year and how the program had changed their lives. The young men went on to share that they had all been accepted to four year colleges/universities and would all go on to pursue higher education. in fact, the proceeds raised during the Gala were used to provide scholarships to each young man.

CGP’s initial year was a tremendous success, and was able to help change the trajectory of the lives of all the young men that participated. CGP continues to stay in touch with each of the young men who are all doing well and making us very proud. CGP also continues to provide moral support and mentoring to the young men.

CGP went on to work with a second class of young men in the spring of 2014 which included another 11 seniors from MLK and an additional 7 middle school students from the Detroit Service Learning Academy (DSLA), also in Detroit, MI.

Currently in its third year of existence, CGP continues to grow by leaps and bounds. CGP now mentors 11 seniors from MLK, 8 middle school students from DSLA, and an additional 11 seniors from Detroit Collegiate Preparatory at Northwestern. All of which are located in Detroit, MI.

Each young man that CGP works with has a story, but CGP is able to help put them on the path to a bright future despite their life circumstances. These young men are truly the future!