“CGP taught me how to be a man, and how to get a good education; CGP changed my destination” – Akin Kheperu; CGP Gent, Class of 2015

“Through CGP, I learned it’s not about what brand you wear, how big your house is, or what kind of car you drive; it’s all about what you learn, and how you use it.” – Reginald Taylor; CGP Gent, Class of 2015

“The Chauncy Glover Project is really on to something here, and the world should take notice. Thank you CGP for all your support and love, because without you I wouldn’t be motivated to do the great things I will be doing in the future.” – Anthony Williams; CGP Gent, Class of 2015

“CGP looked beyond my disability; they took a chance on me; and when I got weak, my CGP brothers made me strong!” – Delante Cobb; CGP Gent, Class of 2015

“CGP opened my mind and revealed the opportunities that could be mine in the future.” – Jarrett Kerns; CGP Gent, Class of 2015